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Points Program

Points races will be designated as Summit ET/SCR Points. Classes to be contested at these events will be Quick 16, Top Doorslammers, Super Pro, Mod ET, Street ET and 3 Jr. Dragster classes. The Summit ET points will run through the race on October 6th. SCR points will end on November 17th. All races will count for points with no drops.


The points leaders in Super Pro and Mod ET after the October 6th race will represent SCR at the Summit ET World Finals( racers are required to have an IHRA/Summit ET competition number). SCR Gold and Silver cards can be used for designated class only and do not include entry into Gamblers races or non track events.


Deleted - Motorcycle ET class


Added - Mod ET - Class will compete at all SCR/Summit points races. Minimum ET is 10.99 seconds. Safety rules are outlined in the IHRA rule book and must meet them as outlined regarding vehicle ET. The use of Trans Brakes, 2-steps and auto shifters is allowed. No delay boxes, throttle stops or downtrack timers allowed.


No Electronics - Class to compete at designated events


Points System – Points in all classes with buybacks (Super Pro, No Electronics, Street and Junior Dragsters) will be earned in the same manner.  Racers will have 30 days after the points are posted on this website to have any errors corrected by track personnel. Email the track by clicking this link for points corrections.


Entry – 10 (purchase tech card)

Round 1 – 10 (winner round 1) – loser earns no points but can buyback

Round 2 – 10 (winner round 2) – loser earns no points but can buyback

Round3 – 10 (winner round 3) – no more buybacks allowed

Round 4 & all following rounds – 10 points per round won


Bonus Points

Winner – 5

Runner Up – 4

Semi-Finals – 3

Quarter Finals – 2

Eighth Finals – 1


Quick 16 and TOP Doorslammer Points


Entry – 10 (purchase tech card)

Round 1 Loser – 10 (must stage)

Round 2 loser – 10

Round 3 loser – 10

Round 4 loser – 10

Winner – 10


Bonus Points will be in the same system.  Racers can claim a max of 12 races for their points total.  Racers can run all events and drop their lowest points races for their total.  This program is for TOP and Q16.


Friday Night NE Trophy Class Points

No Electronics points championship for will be contested during the Coca Cola Always Fun Friday Night races.  Racers will be allowed to claim a max of 30 races and there is a total of 40 races.  Points will be earned in the same manner as used in our other classes.  Entry Fee will be $10 gate charge and $10 tech card fee.  Qualifying will be set by best reaction time during time trials. 

The SCR Track Champion will come from this program which the champion will receive a 5ft trophy and a silver card for all the Coca Cola Always Fun Friday night races for .


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